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Need to Know mp3

Roll me baby like you do
Take your time I'll be your fool
Spin me babe put on a show
Tell me only what I need to know

Whisper babe behind my back
Cover me with empty laughs
Keep it simple like a prayer
Imagine if I start to care

Do anything you wanna do
You gimme such a rosy view
No matter what I ask of you
You tell me all I need to know

Play me baby roll the dice
I'll look away just make it nice
I can't see your master plan
You hide it in the promised land

All your smiling
All your minding
Tell me what you leave behind
To gimme peace of mind
Tell me what I need

You like me here out on a ledge
Think for me so nothing's said
This tiny world could get too close
Imagine if I need to know

Do anything you wanna do
Give everyone a rosy view
And every time you hide the truth
You tell me all I need to know
Rising mp3

There's nothing here
But what I used to have
All that's left is all I need
And the funny thing
If you can call it that
This is right where I want to be
Black water rising, it's sure good to be home
Black water rising, it's sure good to be home

Got some warm nights
Got my heart on a leash
Got no reason to make old scars bleed
If I could choose the hours
Make them last and last
I'd take this night to always keep
Black water rising, can't rise over me

You can break my heart
But you can't break me
I've crossed this bridge so many times
I know where it leads
This water's rising but I'm not ready to leave

Gave all those years
To the best laid plans
The more I held the less I had
Will you look at me now
Without looking back
Then you can see me, see me
See me as I am
This water's rising wash around me
This water's rising wash around me
Black water rising, it's sure good to be home
Featuring guest performances by Grammy Winner Keb' Mo', Sum Blues is old school R&B - warm and familiar, angry and hopeful, sweet and sexy. From the biting venom of "Need to Know" to the intimate "Rising" (a tribute to NOLA's citizens in the aftermath of Katrina), Sum Blues feels both classic and current.'s a call to progress but it's respect for the past, it's sadness and celebration, reflection and vivacity. Best of all, it's got a lot of rhythm, and a whole lot of soul..."
- Marisa Brown, All Music Guide
All songs 2006 Linda Taylor for Funky Honky Music (ASCAP).
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