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Smiles Ed at the Rhodz Darrell & Del Keb' Mo' & Angela Janelle "Six String" Sadler Angela in the booth Janelle, Catte, Linda & Angela Linda & Larry Mikal & Laval Laval in his office Angela & Janelle Del & Darrell Linda & Larry
The Band

Threshold features the finest of LA's musicians. Fronted by veteran session singer Angela Carole Brown, and led by composer/guitarist Linda Taylor, Threshold includes drummer Laval Belle (Earth, Wind & Fire), bassist Del Atkins (Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige), organist Mikal Majeed (Rick Zunigar), keyboardist Ed Roth (Coolio, The Brothers Johnson), and singers Catte Adams (Chaka Khan, Natalie Cole) and Janelle Sadler (Natalie Cole, Ozzy Osbourne).

Visit these musicians:

Angela Carole Brown - Lead Vocals
Linda Taylor - Composer/Guitar
Laval Belle - Drums
Del Atkins - Bass
Catte Adams - Vocals
Janelle Sadler - Vocals
Ed Roth - Keyboards

and our very special guests:
Keb' Mo' - Guitar
Darrell Crooks - Guitar
David Patterson - Saxes
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